It all works out in the end…

Hey, my Loves,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post, because life in general took over a lot of my time. Honestly, I don’t plan to write frequently going forward now either, but I’ll do my occasional posts here and there.

So the big news is… I am finally ACCA qualified, which most people knew was my ultimate goal as a young adult. I wanted to share some of my life experiences with you during the time I started my job in Oct 2015 and till the time I quit at the end of April 2018.

During my time at my old job, seriously not only myself, but also my colleagues would agree that we were very hard working. We spent a lot of time giving our loyalty and commitment to our clients, and due to this I came across a lot of ‘failure’ in my personal life. I barely had a social life with my family and friends, I failed my ACCA paper and just to point out I had never failed an exam before ACCA in my life (School, College or University), so I didn’t know how to handle it.

I also couldn’t give my Mum 100% of my time to organise my two Brother’s weddings, which took place this year. It was extremely a crazy time in my life. During these tough times my work squad who became family (because I spent 12+ hours of my days, 7 days a week with them) pulled through and they got me through it.

I was at a really low and confusing point of my life, and it made me REALLY demotivated, however you’d never see me come across like that because I always smiled through it all. Eventually, overtime I realised there is absolutely nothing wrong with failing in life, but obviously at that time, it wouldn’t sink into my brain. I promise, all these low times in life are a learning curve and you just need to pick yourself up and keep going. I can’t emphasise enough that these times will soon pass by and you’ll come out more stronger and stable than you ever had thought.

ALWAYS, no matter what the circumstances are, try to make time for people that matter, even if it is only a text. No one is ever too busy for the people they really care about, and for me, that was my Family.

I’m getting side tracked now… I want to say a special thanks to a lot of people who have helped me get to where I am now. I am emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and in any other possible way there is very happy. The whole point of this blog post is appreciation. I am leaving the country for a while to get some space and the only way I truly feel I get space is by travelling and this post is to show my appreciation and affection to and for my loved ones who understood me and my situation. Everyone has bad days and sometimes we need strong individuals go help us; I literally love all the people in my life.

My life really turned around after April. Let me give you a list of all the place I’ve travelled from April to Sept:-

  • Budapest
  • Prague
  • Madrid
  • Croatia
  • Kenya
  • Barcelona
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia (Sydney and Brisbane)

I also did Marrakesh earlier this year and now will be doing more of Australia.

This is supposed to be a positive post. I can’t elaborate more that you have to realise who is important to you and those people will help you get through the good and bad times in your life. I pulled through so well and if I sat here and named them all, I would be here all day. Thank you, and you know who you are!

ALWAYS keep positive people around you, they will help motivate you and achieve the unachievable. Set goals and try to achieve every single one by a certain date. Think SMART and stick to it. No matter what life brings you… tackle it.

I’m going to a new country, by myself, I’ll be working there and making new friends and so many people have told me ‘Bhav, you’re so brave,’ but if I’m honest with you, I was so so so scared. I was willing to give it a go and I knew it would not be easy, but it’s the experience and the adventure that made me so excited. Never be frightened to do what you’ve wanted to do, just go out and grab it because life is too short and what is there to lose…

I’m too much of a carefree person to get this emotional on a blog post haha, so I’ll end this here.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my travels via instagram: BhavPindoria (IG: Bhavpindoria), and I really hope this message was loud and clear; STAY POSITIVE my boo thangssss!!

Lots of Love, Bhav x