Self Perception

Happy New Year!!

It’s my first blog post of 2017 and this topic is going to get really deep…

I’m sure a lot of you came across bull**** like ‘new year, new me,’ on New Years Day. There is never a new you. There is always a better you, but never a new you.

I wanted to really talk about each individuals perspective in life. For me, 2017 is going to be all about being a better person, being positive and looking for new opportunities. I’ve already met people who have had such negative thoughts in the new year and it makes me frustrated, because I know they are better than that. I feel it’s my role as a human to tell them that it will be okay and to motivate them through their negative thoughts.

I personally always like to have banter and sometimes I say negative things as a joke, however I’m the type of person that is determined to blossom, as I turn negative aspects into positive aspects for others and myself. Here’s some word-porn you’ve probably been told a million times…


Think about it, really think about it… if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

What are your goals? What are you ambitions? What are you thinking right this second? What do you want to achieve? It can be big or it can be really small…

I have seen enough of life to realise one thing… emotions. Emotions drag a lot of people down, and I think to some extent this is very unhealthy. The perspective unhealthy. The thought is unhealthy, and sometimes I don’t agree with emotions taking over your mind. I understand that sometimes emotions are uncontrollable, but you really have to lift yourself up and put those emotions aside. I have seen people let their emotions take over and they’ve missed or let go of life-changing opportunities. This is not what I want for you guys in 2017.

Pull your socks up! It’s game time…

It is already 2 weeks into 2017 and I have worked every single day. The only time I get to myself during the 5 day working week is when I go home to sleep for a few hours, other than that, it’s all daily grind. I am may be employed by someone but it doesn’t mean I forget to work for myself and on myself. I have ambitions which I hope to achieve, but that will not happen until I find time to work on myself. On the weekends, I make sure that I stick to my strict routine. I am maybe tired from working a busy weekday schedule, but there is no way I choose to lie in on the weekends. I get up, work out and have a productive day.

Here are some thoughts I want you to think about everyday when you wake up:-

  • What am I going to achieve today?
  • How am I going to achieve this?
  • Have I had time to think about myself?

The majority of the people around the world work for a company and that’s how they make a living. They often forget to make time for themselves to self-reflect to see what they can do better for themselves for their coming future.

Something for the ladies… I’m a feminist. I believe in equal rights, I believe that women do as much as men in the current times we live in. Remarkable women achieve a successful education, they work and get the same titles as men do; there are women today who are CFO’s, Directors and well-established female Entrepreneurs. It is happening! Whether you want to call it change or evolution, just remember you will never achieve, if you do not work hard for it. You have to go out there and fetch it!

Failure is something everyone is scared of. Loss, defeated, rejection, exclusion, dismissal, the word ‘no’… Why can’t you handle it? Steve Jobs was once kicked out of his own company. You will not reach the top without failing at something, at some point in your life. Failure will come, it will happen, so learn how to deal with it. God didn’t put you on earth and give you this life to merrily skip to the light at end of the tunnel. There are holes along that route and you’re going to fall, but you’ll have to climb up and out of it, to keep seeking that damn light.

Your own self perception is what will give you the energy to be where you want to be. Change your thoughts, change your ways, be a better you. Love yourself, before loving others and accept yourself, before accepting others. Be confident in every aspect. If you fall, pick yourself back up and think of why it happened, and what can be done to make sure it does not happen again.

Self motivation is EVERYTHING!

The only way you’ll achieve self perception is to understand yourself, to recognise who you are, to appreciate, identify your rareness, your qualities, the insight, the intuition, your senses, your capabilities… anything else you can think of. Get to know yourself.

Let me give you an example… it was my first time in 2016 that I came across failure with regards to my career. I let my emotions take over me for a good 6 weeks, but I realised soon after, ‘no, I will not let someone tell me I’m not good enough!’ I got on my feet and worked harder.
Motto: Don’t let others tell you, ‘you can’t,’ because you can!

Whether it’s your career, your education, a relationship, friendship… Fix it or move on.

I have 7 rules that help me to believe and achieve, so maybe these may help you too…

  1. I wake up early and give myself time to think about my daily goals.
  2. I exercise to keep myself healthy. This also helps me function better mentally and physically.
  3. Eat well!! I try not to miss any meals and I try to eat meals on time.
  4. Whilst working hard, I don’t forget to socialise with family and friends (emphasising on FACE TO FACE communication – disconnect with technology)
  5. Plan a few months in advance and see if you’ve actually stuck to your plans.
  6. I have a diary to write my thoughts. If you don’t want to hold a pen, write it on your phone.
  7. Be happy and don’t forget to laugh in life!

The way you think, the way you manage, the way you control yourself is important. It will improve your knowledge, it will improve your finances, your aims and working hard in life will keep you focused. Seriously, you are better than you think you are. Go and become something with full confidence, and make sure you enjoy life while you try to find yourself. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Love Bhav xx