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Firstly I would like to say, Happy New Year f25cf5a694d84bc28000c509a903633f!!!!!!!

(Better late than never)…

Welcome to my first blog of 2016. I hope 2016 treats you well and you achieve the unthinkable.

I am going to start my 2016 with a BANG… I am going on holiday with my favourite people and I thought, hmmm, why not write something on ‘travelling essentials’ for people that are going to start or continue to travel a lot more in 2016. Make sure you follow me on Instagram (BhavPindoria) for lots of holiday pics and updates.

When I first started travelling without my Parents at the age of 13, I took the biggest suitcase with me. I literally had half of my room in it and stupidly, I took exactly 22kg with me. My suitcase was so damn heavy that I could not even lift it (please don’t laugh).

With time I have learnt to control myself with what I take. I may have taken the full 22kg the first time, but I assure you now, my suitcase is never heavier than 12kg outbound. I have had to learn how to pack compact when flying out so I have more space to bring back some goodies.

I have travelled over 8 countries in 3 years and I am so blessed to have had the experience, time, money and people to do so. I have a few holidays planned this year and I wanted to make a holiday list of the essentials you should be taking away with you.

Everybody needs to remember; if you are going on holiday for example, three days and three nights, only take 3 pairs of day outfits and 3 for the evening. Do NOT take more than you need to, hence why it is important to plan your outfits before you fly out.

Here is my famous list that I had created around 5 years ago:

The VERY essentials:

Documents – Flight Tickets, Hotel, Transfer, Excursion, Travel Insurance!
Money – Cash, Cash Passport
Travel Diary? I keep one

The crucial TECH stuff:

Camera/Camcorder & charger
Phone & charger
Selfie stick – the essential for me (obvs my favourite gadget)
Small external charger

The HEALTH necessities:

Malaria tablets
Painkillers – Nurofen & Paracetamol
Imodium (LOL)
Cold/Flu tablets


Towel/Beach Towel (only if the hotel does not provide it)
Contact Lenses/Glasses
Facial Wipes/ Make Up Remover/ Face wash
Cream/ Sunscreen
Toothbrush/ Toothpaste/ Tongue Cleaner
Shaver/ Trimmer
Nail Polish
Shampoo/ Conditioner
Make Up – only what you need girls, not your whole make up box!

FASHIONISTA fundamentals (unisex):

T-shirt/Crop Top/Vest
Denim Shorts/Shorts/Jeans
Socks/underwear etc.
Bikinis/Kaftan/Swimming Trunks
Evening-wear – Dresses/Midi/Shirt/Casual Trousers/Chinos
Flip flops/Shoes/Wedges/Trainers
Nightwear – Vest/Shorts/PJ’s

Packing TIPS:

Always roll; never fold (clothing)
Toiletries – transfer liquid into smaller travel bottles and seal in a clear bag!
Food – Take some snacks with you just in case you start missing home.
Others – Keep Padlocks

I really hope I haven’t missed out anything in this list of necessities. If I have, comment below and tell my readers and me so we know smiley-face-transparent-background-8672563295_9c270cbc79_b

Every time you go on holiday just google ‘Bhav Pindorias travel essentials‘ so you have a checklist ready for you to tick back when you are packing…

I really hope people continue to travel in 2016 and to have a great time exploring different cultures, people, religion, languages, lifestyles, and food.
Some trips are not always about fun, some can be educational too; it is so important to learn about other cultures and religions as it can open up minds and ideas.
There are a lot of narrow-minded humans in the world, which get influenced by the media. The media is not always the best way to learn about others or what is happening around the world, as it is mostly negative and criticising. It is a better experience to learn through your eyes, because that is the true reality.

Another pointer I always suggest is don’t waste too much time on your TECHS on holiday. It is nice to capture some moments on camera for other or even you for the future, but there is nothing like capturing the full moment with your eyes, because that touches your heart the most (right now, I can recall is the sunrise I saw in Miami, everyday from my hotel room, it was so beautiful). Enjoy the moment through you, not a camera.

Love Bhav x

Morale of the story: Travel and enjoy the moment

I have been so busy with work and my professional studies, which is why I have not wrote a blog-post since last year. My next blog-post will be in Mid-Feb x

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