Things to do before 2015 is over…

Hi my Lovessss,

I hope all of you have been busy partying hard and shopping as much as I have this festive seasonf25cf5a694d84bc28000c509a903633f
Can you believe I lost my voice for 5 days on the 11th December and I still have not fully recovered, OOPS, hehe.

Here are a few pictures before I get down to what I really want to talk about (scroll down)…

Obviously with all these parties come big responsibilities such as making an effort. By effort I mean ‘where to go to party?’ ‘what dress to wear,’ ‘what heels to wear,’ and ‘what look to slap on my face.’

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t and still am not feeling a lot of the AW15 collection this year. Nothing has seemed to grab my attention to the extent where I have REALLY wanted it.
My style is dark(black), chic and bodyconfull_size

No.1: Work Christmas Party:
Dress – Ada Black V Back Crepe Midi Dress (From Pretty Little Things)
Party Venue: Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, London

Hair & Make Up: My girl Neena did a damn good job (Curls using GHD)
Necklace: New look
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Earrings: Swarovski Angelic Earrings
Bag: Chanel Classic flip bag
Heels: Carvela, Kurt Geiger

Me and Neena are so crazzzzzzy!!!!!xmas4

No.2: Work Secret Santa
Here’s another fact you will learn about me today: I LOVE DRAKE!
He is my favourite artist, and someone at work clearly knew… (I received the best SS present ever)

Thank you Amandeep for such an amazing present… #Twinies #HotlineBling #Jumper
Down to the real business…

Before 2015 is over, make sure you visit some of my favourite places in London:
– Winter Wonderland for yummy Churros and Chocolate
– Ice Skating at Somerset House
– Covert Garden Market
– Visit Wildwood Restaurant (Italian)
– Visit Hamleys and Harrods
– Carnaby Street, Soho

Christmas was about spending a day with your family, to show each other kindness and love that we sometimes forget to show during the year. It is also the time to pray, count your blessings and to appreciate what God has given you. In a few days we will be going into a New Year…

Every year, once Christmas has passed, I always reflect on the year to set real goals for the New Year. Every New Year should start with a bang. Some people may have had a good or bad year, but forget about this year and think about the changes you’ll make to make next year a good or a better year.
I have had so much success this year and I only wish that other people achieve the same or more than me.

I like to persuade people who are not so sure what 2016 will bring them, to think about what they want to achieve or where they want to be in 2016.
Personally, I partied hard in 2015 but I never thought I would graduate with a First Class Honours, or get an amazing Job where I was given a pay-rise in only two months, or even have my own website that has got over 2300 views in 12 weeks.

People often forget to sit down and plan their future, which I think is not good. Everybody needs a motive in life and I believe to push yourself and your limits, is the best motive.

So… drop what you are doing. I want everyone to take 5 minutes to write the three things they are most proud of in 2015 and to write three realistic goals for 2016 (these goals could be about anything). I want you to ask how you can better yourself, how you can get to the end of the line and what are the steps to get there.

For example, one of my goals in 2016 is to pass 4 out of my last 5 Professional ACCA Exams, and another is to do more selfless Charity work…

Once you have three goals written down on your phone or on a note pad, I would advise you to reflect on those in June and in December next year. Imbed them into your lifestyle.
Everyones goals will obviously vary. Someones might be to be employed and another persons might be to lose weight… Whatever it is, DO IT and do not back down.

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Hugs and Kisses,
Love Bhav xx

P.S. Throw kindness around like it is confetti 🙂