I am a sucker for white straight teeth (you got to know something about me)…

Recently I have been eating a lot of bad food, which I shouldn’t be (I’m being cheeky during the festive season). During Christmas I let myself loose and I treat myself to greasy food and alcohol img-thing.

I originally came across Cocowhite on Instagram. It is a popular product in the social media world and amongst Celebrities.

Obviously Cocowhite attracted me immediately, as I wanted a way to whiten my not-so-white teeth. I purchased Cocowhite from Holland and Barratt (UK’s leading health retailer) for £18; it was on sale, the original price is over £20. I ordered it on Saturday and received it on Wednesday.


The Product itself

Cocowhite has 14 sachets of coconut oil made to whiten your teeth. The sachets have enough oil to fill your whole mouth. You keep the oil in your mouth for around 10 to 15 minutes and then you spit the product out.

Historically, it is an Ayurveda medicine; oil pulling has been used in India and all over the world for centuries to whiten teeth. Coconut oil is also known for a more popular reason, such as helping your hair grow.

Cocowhite comes in three different flavours; Fresh Mint, Vanilla and Lemon. I personally prefer Vanilla, my second favourite would be Mint and then Lemon. I have been using Cocowhite for over 3 weeks, so here is what I think of it…


It actually HAS made a difference!
I see that my teeth are much more whiter than a few days ago.


How to use it

For the best results, I use this product at night before I sleep.
I empty a sachet of oil in my mouth, swirl for 15 minutes and lastly brush my teeth.


As mentioned above, there are 3 flavours. I purchased the mint flavour box, but there is also a box with all three flavours in it. So if you are unsure, get the assorted flavour box and find your flavour!


Only one for me (personally) is having to remember it in my night-time routine… The product has no downside.


I got my box on sale for £18, but I think realistically it would cost anybody in the UK around £23 to £25, including delivery.

I will definitely continue using this product as it has done magic for mef25cf5a694d84bc28000c509a903633f!
Be sure to try it… You will see results after a few days if you continue using it everyday.

Thank you for reading…

Love Bhav x


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