CARMEX is life!!!

This literally feels surreal!

I have been using Carmex for a long, long time. I cannot even remember when I purchased my first Carmex Tube/Pot. Maybe when I was in high school, I don’t know.

I have NOT come across a better lip care than Carmex’s products. It give this special kind of tingle when you apply it on your lips, which makes it distinctive compared to other lip care products.
I used to have very dry and chapped lips, and living in a cold country doesn’t help at all (in the UK it is always bloody cold!). My lips are fairly big, so one Carmex tube lasts me 6-8 weeks, this is how hooked I am to it. In reality, I think a Carmex tube would last a person over 12 weeks. I’m just a little crazy…

The products make my lips feel so smooth and moisturised, it has SPF 15 and it smells so good…  trust me, the smell is always a bonus!!

It is NOT only for girls, it is for boys too (Most guys I know use Carmex)

Carmex, in my house can be found everywhere; my bags, scattered all over the house – my room, kitchen, at work and oh, in my cars.


I like their packaging, it’s light and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the actual products (pot, tube, sticks) are a perfect size for not only your handbag, but also your pockets.

If you feel your lips are getting dry or just want a lip balm for no particular reason, pick up a Carmex product, which I can assure will satisfy your needs.





Prices vary from £1.50 to £4.50 and you can purchase them from a lot of places, including, Boots or Superdrugs (UK)…

The Pot, Tube & Stick also comes in unscented original – link below.
The moisture plus range is also available in ‘Peach.’ This is more of a nude/peachy shade compared to the ‘Pink’ and ‘Berry’ colour.

You will, I repeat, WILL fall in love with Carmex.

I wanted to thank Graftons Beauty & Carmex UK Team for being amazing to me!!

Love Bhav xxx

P.S. It soothes. It relieves. It moisturises. #TeamCarmex


Original Pot –
Peach Moisture plus stick –
Carmex Website (History) –
Carmex UK Website –
Graftons Beauty –
Boots –
Superdrugs –

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