12 Things You Learn From Working in Retail

I had worked in Retail for over 6 whole years, and I have two words for it… IT SUCKED!

Other than the fact that my pay gave me a comfortable student life, it was a pretty bad experience but I have learnt a lot from it.

Here are 12 things working in Retail has taught me, and i’m sure you can relate:-

1) Customers are NOT always right.
The worst part is when their in an effin mood, like please exit the damn store already!

2) Fitting Room life… I’m not flirting with you, I’m fake smiling and pretending to be nice…

3) Managers have favourites.
If you’re not a favourite, don’t expect to have the same breaks/lunch as your friends, it’s not going to happen, ever.

4) When price displays show a ‘From £££‘ sign, but customers cannot read.
Customer: ‘This was £5.’
Me: ‘This item is £6, on the display is says from £5.’
Customer: ‘No, no it says £5.’
Me: No… (BRUH!!!!)

5) The Christmas and Boxing Day Fuss! The whole shop becomes a mess, the customers are a mess, therefore your life becomes a mess. This is the time you actually start questioning your presence.

6) Opening and closing times…
Don’t you hate it when customers are eagerly waiting outside the store. Like can I just explain the store does not open for another 5 minutes, go back home and go to sleep!?!
Closing time are the worst! It is the only time customers all of a sudden become deaf. It’s so hard to make them understand that they need to stop shopping, go pay and leave the store!

7) Working in a Kids section/with Kids… They literally make you want to pull your hair out. Whether it’s a shop floor full of prams or loud crying children, STOP, please?!

8) There are some positives! You get to meet a lot of amazing colleagues, which eventually become your friends. This is your prime reason and motivation to get your ass into work. Together you achieve the unachievable, such as becoming machines at folding t-shirts!

9) Skills:
You become more patient and confident,
you improve your communication skills,
and your acting skills also enhance – fake smiling and pretending to give an eff…

10) Stock; where do we start? It’s either understocked or overstocked, never in-between. So technically, the items are either on the floor or the shelves are empty.

11) Them stupid uniform checks when the ‘Big Boss’ finally decided to get himself out of bed and spontaneously come in after months.

12) The best and common one..
‘No, sorry, I just checked the stockroom for you and we don’t have this in stock.’ LIES!
(5 minutes on your phone felt good didn’t it?)

I know for a fact, if you have or you’ve had a retail job, you can relate to at least one of the above…

I hope this didn’t put you off getting a retail job. Trust me when I say, it is definitely good to have worked in Retail once in your life. I’m glad I experienced a Retail job while I was a student…

Love Bhav xx