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Hi my Loves,

I went to IFW (India Fashion Week) on the 10th and 11th October, however due to starting a new Job and Garba (Hindu Dance Festival), I was unable to get my post out to you on time.
I am Indian though and you know what they say about our timekeeping smiley-face-transparent-background-8672563295_9c270cbc79_b

I have a vlog for this post, so if you want, you can go straight to the link below…

So… When I first came across IFW I was beyond excited. It was the first ever IFW in London and was held at the same time as ‘The Asian Wedding Show,’ in Excel Exhibition Centre, Docklands. These two events were totally separate from each other.

My friend and I were so thrilled to go. We didn’t even hesitate when booking the tickets, because both of our favourite Designers were going to walk the catwalk.

Came the weekend of India fashion week!

We saw the most beautiful outfits, models and met some really nice people.

The first show we went to see was Mansi Malhotra and my personal favourite Shyamal & Bhumika.

As per usual Shyamal & Bhumika smashed their collection. It was so elegant, bright and traditional. Out of both of the Designers on the catwalk, one piece from Mansi Malhotra just blew me away. Literally I loved it so much that I still remember every detail of that saree right now!

Mansi Malhotra

The second day, we saw my friends much-loved Anushree Reddy. There were two other Designers; Kaya Rajan and Saloni Ruia, which unfortunately, I am not very familiar with (read my friends blog to get more information on those…

Anushree Reddy’s collection was incredible. I personally think out of the 5 shows I saw on the catwalk, Anushree Reddy’s was the best.

Anushree ReddyAnushree Reddy 2

Her collection was so chic and contemporary. The outfits had a lot of detailed handwork, jewels, but most importantly pattern.

If you know me at all, you would know I only like to wear monochrome colours, so for me to say that I loved her patterned and bright colourful designs is definitely something. I would wear Anushree’s collection!

Finally… I did do two short vlogs for IFW London, so please feel free to have a look. Don’t forget to like and comment! <3

Day 1:

Day 2:

These videos were filmed using a Sony DSC-WX350 camera, but I would not recommend buying this camera to vlog as it does not have a flip-screen.
Photos were taken with my iPhone 5s.

Outfit: Day 1: Cardigan – Asos, Top – New Look, Skirt – HM, Bag – Chanel, Shoes – Dorothy Perkins.

Day 2: Bomber Jacket – Armani, Dress – Missguided, Bag – Chanel, Shoes – Guess

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you like the Vlogs…

Bhav x







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