I Am Officially An Adult

You are reading my first blog 🙂

From a very young age, I have always said I will remain a child or a ‘big kid,’ till the day I got my first real job.

Well… I am officially employed!!

I never thought time would go this fast, I feel like I’m sprinting with time, trying to keep ahead of it and praying it would slow down, but no! Everyday I count my blessings, but can God just give me time to breathe?

I have always wanted to have a job and to be able to buy my own things, my own shoes, clothes; most importantly, to be independent and be a working woman.
Like every teenager I had, dreams, goals, ambitions, to make something of myself…

When I was in University, I met such wonderful people that encouraged me to always do the best I can. I think they believed in me more than I believed in myself. They knew my goal was to achieve the highest in my last few years of education, and because of their motivation and realism, I did. I got exactly what I wanted, because when you work hard, God never leaves your side no matter what other challenges he puts you through on that journey. I achieved.

Everybody goes through a lot of ups and downs when trying to achieve something, and sometimes it feels impossible. It is so important to have the right mind-set and the right people around you to achieve and to always keep going.

I am Indian, and like all my fellow Indians or shall I say Asian friends, we have had the same lecture and PRESSURE from our parents. You know the one about getting the right education and how I have to get A’s excetra excetra…
Oh, wait! Do you also remember the lectures they gave you about not hanging around with ‘friends’ that may be bad influence? Parents seem to know your friends better than you the first time they glance at them. It is so scary! But the point is…

My Parents have always seemed to be right till this day. They’re pretty much right all the time and I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one to think this about parents, how do they do it?!?!
What I’m trying to say is that because of my good friends, I have had the best incentive to achieve my goals. Goals like my degree, my performance at work, self-belief that I never seemed to have. It has been a brilliant build up from my childhood to where I am now.

I wanted to say something to people that doubt themselves…

I may be twenty-two, but I’ve seen a lot of people fail because they’re not motivated or they’re just lazy. I say, always work hard, the day you stop working hard, you drop right back to where you started. You’re a lot closer to achieving your dreams when you have a ‘I can do it’ attitude. It is very important to believe in yourself, don’t rely on others for that.

I’ve always been a person to never put someone down. I believe in everyone’s dreams as equally as mine, because everyone is hungry for something, and it is never harmful to be a helping hand to others. I have been a person to believe in karma, so if you’re helping someone today, at your darkest days (I only pray you have none), God will send a person to help you. I’m not saying expect favours back, because that wouldn’t be a selfless gesture, but I’m saying when you think you don’t need help, someone will be there and you’ll realise that it was a gift from God. People that are selfish may achieve, but will have a lot less loyal people to celebrate with so be open, be kind and be generous. Motivate each other and tell someone that it is possible; we have one life, do it right and be the reason for someone’s happiness, even if it is temporary.

I am not saying I have it all figured out, never! You learn as you grow, and I have so much more to do with my life before I can say I have it figured out, but everyone has to start somewhere! Just trust your instincts, make mistakes, learn as you go and all will be well.

I am so excited to have a wonderful team that wants people to progress, want them to achieve and a team who are full of life. I’m also thrilled to know that my close friend from University works there too :)!!

I am officially an adult, and I cannot complain!

The morale of the story: Never give up x

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